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Book Ordering Instructions

Note: Charging to your student account is no longer available for this semester.  Please use your credit card to pay at this time.

To view textbook information without placing an order: scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Order Textbooks button.

1. Login or Create Bookstore Account

Existing Users

Login to your bookstore account and then proceed to the next step.

New Users

Register using your Mayville State email. Follow the directions to complete your account registration.

2. Choosing Books

Course Materials > Textbooks.

Select Term and Departments > Select appropriate term from the selection provided.

Note: If you do not see your term listed, click on the current term to display other terms.

Select the department (ACCT, BIOL, etc.). Courses will automatically be added to your list.

Click "View Your Materials".

Choose the book you want, new/used or rental if available and add to your cart.

Note: If there are multiple options for your required text, do not order all of the options. If you don’t want a printed book, then the access or E-Book would typically be your choice.

3. Checkout

Your billing and shipping address will display on the first step of Checkout. Be sure your shipping address is correct in order to avoid delays and additional costs for delivery. You can change/edit your billing/shipping address by clicking the 'Change' text displayed next to the option.

Hit 'Continue' to proceed to Step 2.

On Step 2 select your shipping method via the drop down. The totals to the right will update to an estimate of what will be charged to your payment method in Step 3.

Hit 'Continue' to proceed to Step 3.

On Step 3 select your payment method from the 'Choose Payment Option' drop down. Please fill out the rest of the form below. The 'Your Order' to the right will display what will be charged to your payment method when the order is processed.

Please note: The dollar amount charged to your credit card or student account will be adjusted if a used book is no longer available and we fill your order with a new book.

Paying by Financial Aid?

Select Mayville State Financial Aid from the drop down menu.

Enter your 7 digit student ID account number along with your securing credit card information.

Note: You must provide a credit card number on your order even if you are charging to your student account. Your cart will show the estimated total of your order, but your securing credit card will be charged a $1.00 pre-authorization followed by a $1.00 credit. When your order is shipped, your credit card or approved student account will be charged the full amount.

4. Submit Your Order

Click Submit Order. You will receive an order number at this time and an email almost immediately confirming your order.

Note: If you do not receive an order number and a confirming email, your order is not completed.

E-Book Order notice

If you ordered an E-Book, your credit card will be charged immediately for the cost of the E-Book. You will receive an email confirming your E-Book purchase. Follow the instructions on the email to access the E-Book. Once you activate an E-Book, there are no refunds.

If you have questions: email us at: